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Andrea L. Bogomolni – PhD Student, Pathobiology and Veterinary Sciences; MA, Boston University, Boston; BS & BA, University of California, Davis

Project Title: Assessing species differences in susceptibility to the northeast U.S. derived 2006 Phocine Distemper Virus (PDV)
Advisors: Sylvain De Guise, Salvatore Frasca, J. Evan Ward

Summary: I am interested in studying the relationships among animal, ocean and human health. The research I have recently been involved with focuses on screening for emerging zoonotic pathogens in live, stranded and by-caught marine mammals and sea birds in the Northeast U.S. including: bacteria and corresponding antibiotic resistance, Brucella spp., Giardia spp., Cryptosporidium spp., Leptospira spp. and influenza.

Future Directions: I hope to continue in research and focus on the importance of education, outreach and communicating findings to all parties with a stake in ocean health outside of the academic setting. My current interest is to focus on research through non-profit or by government agencies interested in long term research on emerging pathogens, ocean health and immediate response when needed.