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Salvatore Frasca, V.M.D., Ph.D. (

I am a veterinary pathologist who focuses on the pathology of aquatic species in the context of a program in comparative anatomic pathology through the Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. The teaching emphasis of my laboratory is on descriptive comparative pathology, ultrastructural and molecular characterization of pathogens, identification of molecular markers for infectious disease detection, and understanding the pathogenesis of disease in aquatic hosts. My current research interests and initiatives focus on characterization of infectious disease concerns in fish and include the following:

1. Ultrastructural, antigenic and molecular characterization of chlamydia-like bacteria in cultured salmonids, which includes the agents of epitheliocystis and their relationship to environmental chlamydiae.

2. Molecular systematics and comparative pathology of melanized fungal infections (phaeohyphomycosis) in finfish, emphasizing research to understand disease pathogenesis and the role environmental factors may play in disease.

3. Comparative pathology and molecular virology of systemic iridovirus infections in commercially relevant finfish, emphasizing molecular means of detecting infection.

The Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science grants the Ph.D. degree in Pathobiology, with areas of concentration in bacteriology, pathology and virology. For more information, please visit