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Akinyi Nyaoke – PhD Student, Pathobiology and Veterinary Sciences; BVM, MSc, Pathobiology and Veterinary Science, University of Connecticut, Storrs - Akinyi completed her degree with co-PI Sal Frasca.

Project Title: An aquarium-based exposure model to study the patho- genesis of exophialosis in marine fish

Advisors: Salvatore Frasca Jr., E. Scott Weber, Roxanna Smolowitz, Deanna Sutton, Sybren de Hoog

Summary: Pathogenic fungi represent a significant fraction of globally relevant emerging disease concerns, and are an important source of opportunistic infections in an increasing population of immunocompromised human patients and animals. In combination with investigations of outbreaks designed to identify possible environmental sources of Exophiala spp. in aquarium settings, this research will provide important applied mycologic data for comparative studies focused on the ecology of dark molds.

Future Directions: My career goals include an academic position particularly in wildlife health using diagnostic tools to investigate virulence determinants of emerging pathogens, their impact on animal and human health, and host response to infection.